“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.’’

- William Arthur Ward

The IB focuses on skill development rather than memorizing facts and rote learning which enables students to question their own inquiry and reflect on the same. The goal of 'inquiry-based learning' is to educate students how to structure their own learning.

For example, a typical CBSE test question might be, "How long did it take Ashoka to build his pillars?" But an IB teacher might ask, "What effect did Ashoka's pillars have on his people?"
The Association of Indian Universities has recognized the IB. Any student who passes the IB exams in grade 10 is eligible to attend any junior college in India. Similarly, any student who has passed grade 12 in the IB is eligible to apply to any college in India.
We fully understand that moves/transfers are sometimes unavoidable and may not coincide neatly with school terms. So, yes, you will be able to secure admission provided there is space available in the intended class. Please follow the admission guidelines and procedures.
If you are moving from another city, we may need copies of your and your child's/passports, children's or any other document of identification mentioned in our admission procedures; proof of residence, your child's birth certificate, and school reports from the previous two years.

MLSI is an IB affiliated school in India which employs multiple assessment strategies to assess students' learning.

Formative assessment or assessment for learning are generally conducted in an informal way by asking questions in class, checking students' work in class, or simply conversing with the student in the canteen. Feedback is then given to the students so that they could incorporate the same in their exams which is known as the summative assessment.

Summative assessments, or assessment of learning checks students' ability to comprehend at the end of a unit, are also conducted in a variety of ways. There could be a presentation, a role-playing exercise, a movie, or a report. Catering to different learning needs, opportunities are given to the students to make their learning visible in a variety of ways.
Young minds are sharp and have quick learning capacity. Children adapt to this curriculum very naturally and quickly since it is based on sound developmental norms. Your child will not only be able to deal with the difference, but will also enjoy the entire learning process. Our teachers are aware that children come from a variety of backgrounds, and they pay special attention to assisting with the initial settling in period.
Certain routes offer school transportation. The Admissions office can help you with this. Our transportation system adheres to all safety regulations, including adult female supervision in buses.
Yes. All students will receive nutritious meals with an emphasis on health and wellness. A nutritionist will create the menu and ensure that students consume a well-balanced and nutritious diet.
  • No one is allowed onto school grounds without showing a proper identification. Any visitor must also sign in and they must have a prior appointment.
  • We do not allow outside maintenance workers in the school between 8 am and 4 pm.
  • We are now strictly enforcing the policy that no parent is allowed onto school grounds if they do not produce a valid ID card.
  • Our didis escort the younger students to the washroom.
  • There are attendants on all lifts.
  • To pick up a student from school, all parents/drivers must have a valid ID card.
  • Each floor has one male and one female security guard.
  • We have vetted all of the school's maintenance and cleaning staff.
  • Bus drivers are not permitted to enter the school.
  • Female bus attendants and GPS tracking are standard on all buses.
  • Security guards are stationed at all school entrances.
  • We finished a day-long Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POSCO Act 2012) training with all of our faculty, administration, maintenance, cleaning staff, and security teams.
  • The school has CCTV cameras that are monitored and have views of all public areas, staircases and classrooms.
Admissions Open 2023-24